Give Visuals room to Breathe

Over my 15 plus years of working in Analytics and creating reports and dashboards, one of the most common mistakes I see with data visualisations is content squeezed together.

Don’t be afraid to give everything some space!

If you’ve ever been to an art gallery, you may have noticed how far apart the pieces are spread. If you were hanging pictures in your home, would you clump them all together or allow some space around each?!


Say for example you want to put some high level metrics and a more detailed table below, you may start by scrunching everything possible into the page you believe a user would need. I’ve seen it many times where one visual is placed within a couple of pixels of the other and it starts to look a bit like the image below.

Everything here is clumped together in the top left making it hard to read
This view is easier to work with for a user and has adequate spacing between each section

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